Swivel. Career Guidance for Students

Helping university and secondary school students
choose a degree and prioritise career options!

Swivel. Careers Services in New Zealand

We offer a wide range of online and in-person career guidance services for learners across different age groups. Swivel Careers services are available for individual students as well as groups.

Swivel supports teenagers on their way to the bright future

We educate, empower, and propel students to the next level

When we choose a career that fits us well, we flourish. Identifying career options straight out of school is a big leap and requires guidance.

Swivel Careers is about designing a future that is well planned.

We are here to assist students in their suitable education and career paths. We are here to help the students to be ready for this world from early.


Swivel Partners


Swivel Services in Focus

Workshops for Middle schools

  • For Groups
  • Client age: 10-14 years

Job Ready Workshops for Secondary Schools

  • For Groups
  • Client age: 14-25 years

Online Career Test

  • For individuals and groups
  • Client age: 14-25 years

Online Career Counselling

  • For individuals and groups
  • Client age: 14-25 years

Online CV & Cover Letter Workshops

  • For individuals and groups
  • Client age: 14-25 years

Online CV Builder

  • For individuals and groups
  • Client age 14+ y.o

What makes Swivel special

We provide personalised, strength-focused career guidance for young learners. We help students learn strategies to plan their education and career pathways. Our programmes will equip kiwi students with a strong sense of competence and integral values that adhere to the New Zealand education curriculum and Te Marautanga Aotearoa.

We mentor students and personalise their learning and career planning, while making more meaningful connections with other students and their Whānau. The programmes and workshops at Swivel Careers complement the students’ learning in schools and provide them with essential skills to think outside the box.

Bridging the gap between school, study, and the workforce

Our experienced career coaches are passionate about what they do and are committed to helping students find career paths they love. Our programmes help bridge the gap between school, further study and the workforce giving the learners a holistic view of who they are, and which careers may suit them.

Swivel Lead Team


Linda Henderson

Head of Coaching & Careers

Inspirer, storyteller and Hawaiian at heart.

Liki Mataafa

Maori/Pasifika Consultant

20 years experience in teaching and coaching within the finance and retail industries


Kate Ross


Loves to see an opportunity and bring it to life.


Helen McFarlane

Key Account Manager

Loves film, photograph, and anything creative.

Ryan Warriner

Business Development Manager

15 years experience as a Secondary School Educator at Private International and State schooling.

What our clients say
about their experience with us

More than 7,000 kiwi teenagers have already benefited from Swivel career guidance!


I am so grateful for the coaching sessions as they are supportive, empowering and have helped me confidently map out a clear career path.

Chantelle, Student



The service they offer goes way above and beyond anything available within high schools, it is extremely personalised.

Parent of Swivel Student



I was able to learn more about myself as well as receiving personalised analysis and guidance for my future through this programme.

Year 13 Student



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