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Why Swivel Careers?

We help young people step out of school with clarity and confidence.

Kate Ross, Swivel CEO and Founder

Swivel Careers is a global careers service that has worked with thousands of secondary and tertiary students, helping them choose careers they’ll thrive in for years to  come.

The organisation was started in New Zealand by Kate Ross, a successful entrepreneur and founder of Kinetic Recruitment, who believes that every young person should be able to find a career that they are passionate about:

“I started Swivel Careers in 2017 after realising so many students had no idea what to do after school, dropped out of tertiary study, changed their course or even graduated still not knowing what career path to take. I wanted to change that, so we developed an innovative programme with skilled career coaching professionals to assist young people in discovering a career they will thrive in.”

The job market is changing fast. The Swivel Careers team is on the pulse of what’s happening in the job market and what it takes to succeed in the workforce today. Young people today need to choose a career path that’s not only right for them now but will be relevant in years to come. On top of that, understanding all of the career options out there can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in!

We combine expert one-on-one career coaching with industry-leading psychometric assessments to develop a detailed view of the student’s personality, strengths and ambitions so they can find a career they will enjoy and be successful in.

Using the latest information on job markets and trends, we help students gain clarity on where they want to go and the confidence to get started. In addition, we have a number of group workshops that cover practical job search and workforce skills to help students get their first job and succeed at work.

Our experienced career coaches and facilitators are caring, passionate about what they do and highly attuned to students. They’re also business smart and well-connected with employers. An investment in career planning now can set young people on the right course for life!

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Our Team

Kate Ross
Director and CEO
Sara Davies
Career and Wellbeing Coach
Linda Henderson
Head of Careers
Liki Mataafa
Sid Handa
Digital Marketing
Bharat Chawla
Sanchit Kaushal
Head of Product and Technology

Swivel Lead Team


Linda Henderson

Head of Coaching & Careers

Inspirer, storyteller and Hawaiian at heart.

Liki Mataafa

Maori/Pasifika Consultant

20 local years experience in teaching and coaching within the finance and retail industries


Kate Ross


Loves to see an opportunity and bring it to life.

Sara Davies

Career and Wellbeing Coach

Wellness Specialist helping teachers improve team culture and performance.

Jay McLaren Harris

Head of Community Engagement

Wealth of connections and knowledge in the business, education and political sectors

What our clients say
about their experience with us

More than 7,000 kiwi teenagers have already benefited from Swivel career guidance!


I am so grateful for the coaching sessions as they are supportive, empowering and have helped me confidently map out a clear career path.

Chantelle, Student



The service they offer goes way above and beyond anything available within high schools, it is extremely personalised.

Parent of Swivel Student



I was able to learn more about myself as well as receiving personalised analysis and guidance for my future through this programme.

Year 13 Student



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