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Who needs a Career Coach?

Writing a great CV and Cover Letter is art and science together. You need specialised skillsets to master that. Even senior professionals need regular help in crafting a CV that makes them put their best foot forward.

A CV takes the best of your education, skills, experiences, achievements and packages them like a movie trailer, so that the audience interest is piqued, and they want to know more about you.

A cover letter is your personal pitch to recruiters, HR Managers, and prospective employers, addressing how you are the right choice for a particular role advertised.

Now, we know it can be quite challenging writing them on your own, especially, straight out of school. That’s why at Swivel Careers, we have specifically designed workshops, conducted by industry consultants and coaches.


Questions we often get asked about CV and Cover Letters

  • How many pages should a CV have?
  • Should a photograph be included on the CV?
  • Should every job application have a different CV or Cover Letter?
  • Should the CV and the Cover Letter have similar content?
  • Is the CV written in first person?
  • How to highlight achievements on a CV?
  • Is an objective statement essential on a CV?

The list is endless, but we have answered all these questions and more in our CV and Cover Letter writing workshop, that will propel you to the front of the jobseeker queue.

How will Swivel Careers CV and Cover Letter writing workshop help you?

Our workshop will help you avoid irrelevant and outdated practices of writing a CV and cover letter. Recruiters spend less than 7 seconds on a CV, and the objective is to make a mark in that short time. Not only for your job applications, but also for your university applications. We make you stand out in a highly competitive market, avoid common mistakes, and stay current with the latest industry practices.

An interview is your ticket to your next destination.

An interview is your chance to justify your CV and take it to the next step. You have limited time and there is so much to consider. Starting from your first impression, your body language, how you connect with the interviewers or how succinctly you present your narrative. It is important to prepare a few commonly asked questions in advance so that your CV and your personal statement are well aligned, and you can highlight your achievements with compelling examples.

Currently, the most common form of interviews are video interviews. It is therefore important to also practice talking to a camera and people behind a computer screen.

Prepare for your interview with Swivel Careers

At Swivel Careers, we coach you for acing that interview with behavioral and functional tips. Our workshop focusses on face-to-face and video interviews, ensuring you feel confident and look professional. We guide you through some commonly asked questions. You will learn to identify and formulate the pattern of questions yourself and demonstrate your understanding by giving well thought out and clear examples. We take you through group work and role play exercises so that you develop a thorough understanding of how best to articulate yourself and win over your interviewers.

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Sign up for both the workshops and be work-ready

You will obviously get the best outcome when you are signed up for both the workshops. Having a great CV will help you get an interview but may not sail you through it. Similarly, you may be an amazing interviewee, but do not get an opportunity to appear for an because the CV is not ATS compliant.

And guess what, you get a 10% discount when you sign up for both the workshops.

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Bridging the gap between school, study and the workforce

Our experienced career coaches are passionate about what they do and are committed to helping students find career paths they love. Our programmes help bridge the gap between school and work giving the learners a holistic view of who they are, and which careers may suit them.