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Why have a job when you can have a career?

Choosing a career that is sustainable, meaningful and one that makes you happy, can be tough. Understanding all the career options out there can be overwhelming. We get it, and that’s why we got you. At Swivel Careers, we will help you decide your career outcomes, so you know where you are going.

Talking to friends and family can give you a few directions but may not often help you get clarity and confidence on deciding your career goals.

We help learners like you step out of your college or university education and be prepared for the fast-changing job market. Because the young people of today must stay relevant for years to come. We walk you through a step-by-step process.

We combine expert one-on-one career coaching with industry-leading psychometric testing to develop a detailed view of your personality, strengths, and ambitions.

We give you the latest information on job markets and trends to help gain clarity on where you want to go and the confidence to get started. An investment in career planning now will set you on the right course for life.

Here’s our top 7 career advice to get you started

Find a mentor, who can guide you, coach you, suggest the right career options for you, depending on your interests.

Identify your interests, that can help you pinpoint the career for you. Write your list of interests and then try to map the careers aligned to them.

Choose a role that makes you happy and lets you pursue your ambition. It is so important to feel satisfied at work. Research job positions and talk to a career counselor to help you.

Try different things,to help you learn about your likes, dislikes, and talents. Consider volunteering, attend community events.

Write a result-oriented resume and create a portfolio of your projects and experiences. We know this can be quite challenging, even matured professionals find it difficult to write their own CV.

Form relationships and ask for help. Create meaningful relationships with who you interact with, they could be your future referee, or introduce you to someone else. Stay in touch and ask for advice.

Have a schedule. This improves productivity and helps you to stay focused. Form a budget from early on, so that you are prepared for the real world. Have a development plan, with timelines and goals so that you can make the most of all the opportunities that come your way.

We know it is difficult finding someone who could help you with the above, and that is exactly where we fit in. At Swivel Careers, we can do this for you and help you decide your pathway. We can direct you to various engagements, so that getting involved and out there helps you find your calling. Swivel Careers is your accountability partner in your journey.

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