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Life-skills training to be future-ready

Have you ever wished you had more practical skill-oriented training programmes in your school curriculum? Or have you considered including more entrepreneurial, networking skill-based courses in your school syllabus? Well, if you are one of those schools who want to set themselves apart and give its learners a clear edge with more practical learning experiences, Swivel Careers is here to support you.

The world is gyrating towards a gig economy with millions of people considering on giving up their regular jobs and pursuing their side hustles full-time. Design thinking is a crucial new age skill we all need to survive this world and make problem-solving and customer or user-centered approach primary to everything we do.

Help your learners to be ready for this world from early on – right from the primary and intermediate levels, with our Design Thinking and Side Hustle – Entrepreneurship group workshops.

Our workshops are conducted by industry facing career coaches who are specialised to work with young children and prepare them for a better tomorrow.

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Career Workshops to accelerate student employability

Choosing the right career straight out of school is a big leap and often needs guidance. Schools such as yours do the best to help students decide their suitable career paths. At Swivel Careers, we support you so that together we can give your learners the best career advice they need.Our career coaches with industry experience in recruitment, deliver robust career workshops that equip the learners to be real world ready.A key part of the workshops is developing the right skills and mindsets for professional life. Swivel Careers works with schools across Years 9 to 13, polytechnics, and tertiary education institutes to deliver interactive and informative group workshops. These are designed to prepare the students to dive into the world of employment better equipped.

Give your school the Swivel Careers edge

We have often heard from Principals, Heads of Institutes, and in-school Career Advisors that they would love to do more for their learners but may not always have adequate resources to provide high quality, industry facing career advice. Students sometimes take up a profession or further studies that may not be suitable for their interest or skillset. This is where we step in.

Swivel Careers get together in the journey alongside you, to provide exceptional value for the students by providing up-to-date information on career and study options, with support to plan agile career paths.

We take the students through a step-by-step process of choosing a career with support at every stage, it starts with knowing one’s interests and skills. We collaborate with Heads of Schools and Careers Departments to build on existing programmes through one-on-one career coaching and group workshops designed to prepare students for working life. Our experienced career coaches are deeply passionate about what they do and committed to helping students find career paths they love.

Adding the Recruitment edge

We have over 25 years of experience in recruitment throughout New Zealand and Australia. We integrated all our learning from this experience into our programmes. We continue to have the pulse of the job market, the latest industry trends and forecasts, that gives us a huge plus that we share with our partner institutes.
Our experienced career coaches are passionate about what they do and are committed to helping students find career paths they love. Our programmes help bridge the gap between school and work giving the learners a holistic view of who they are, and which careers may suit them.

At Swivel Careers we believe choosing a career should be a positive and inspiring experience, and that is what we provide at every step of the way.

Choose the right workshop for your learner group

Workshops for secondary schools and universities/PTEs/ITP

Workshops for primary schools

Between needing to select the right subjects, apply in advance for tertiary programmes or choosing the right career, it can be overwhelming and easy to go down the wrong path. Our programmes give students the space, tools, and expert support to get clear on who they are and what they want in a career, as well as realistic insights about different careers paths.

Swivel Careers can set your students on the right path for life.

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