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Are you a parent of a primary or secondary school goer and want more support for your child’s holistic education? Or are you a teenager looking for guidance to choose a meaningful career? Or maybe you’ve chosen your subjects and need to prepare for your job interviews and improve your employability skills.

If you’re any of them, this is the place for you with lots of insightful stories on teenage career prep!

Inclusive Workshops at Centennial Park School. Swivel Solution

That’s what happened when Swivel Careers team was running a Side Hustle workshop at Centennial Park School.

The School’s Principal, Kevin Ikin, invited the Swivel Careers team to run our Side Hustle workshop with a particular purpose in mind. A specific student was struggling to participate in group activities and in particular, collaborate with his peers. The purpose of engaging with Swivel was to create a learning opportunity to build life skills in all students, in preparation for future study and ultimately a career, however, keeping in mind that all students should be fully engaged. Read More