Inclusive Workshops at Centennial Park School. Swivel Solution

Case study

It’s often much easier to encourage kids to behave differently when invited professionals engage them in new activities in their old environment.

That’s what happened when Swivel Careers team was running a Side Hustle workshop at Centennial Park School.

The School’s Principal, Kevin Ikin, invited the Swivel Careers team to run our Side Hustle workshop with a particular purpose in mind. A specific student was struggling to participate in group activities and in particular, collaborate with his peers. The purpose of engaging with Swivel was to create a learning opportunity to build life skills in all students, in preparation for future study and ultimately a career, however, keeping in mind that all students should be fully engaged.

The Side Hustle Programme asks students to work in groups and allocate tasks within the group that play to individuals strengths. Students have a chance to acknowledge their own strengths as well as celebrate the strengths of those in their group. The course promotes agency and student voice and encourages acceptance of ideas.

Kevin and the attending teachers were blown away by the level of interaction they saw from all their teenagers, but especially the earmarked student, and felt the programme absolutely delivered on its promise.

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