Motivation and expression. Choosing a career is not only about the future.

Case study

A Year 11 male student chose to complete the full Swivel Careers Coaching Programme so that he could gain clarity and reassurance on a career direction that he was interested in and felt excited about.

He was naturally quite indecisive, so without any viable choices to make a decision from, he was feeling very despondent and unmotivated about his future. When he was younger, he wanted to be a Police Officer, however, he had changed his mind about this career option when he found out more about the day-to-day realities of the job. His parents were strongly influencing him to become a Commercial Pilot so that he could earn a very high salary and travel around the world. They wanted him to
be successful in life.

The most important question his Swivel Careers Coach asked him was "did he love flying and travelling?". The answer was a surprising and definite "no" and he said that he didn't even enjoy being a passenger in an aircraft, on short or long haul flights. He had never told his parents this. He wanted to work in a role that was on the ground as he had a passion for protecting and sustaining the environment in some way and loved to draw and design buildings and structures. His ideal role would combine both of these activities.

The psychometric assessments he completed as part of his coaching programme, confirmed that his personality, aptitude abilities and career interests, suited a role where he could work alone to solve problems while being able to bounce his ideas off a bigger team. He was numerically strong, systems-orientated, methodical, detailed, and a curious innovator who enjoyed creating new ideas and abstract concepts to solve problems.

As part of the research process, he found an ideal role that suited all his key strengths and interests, that he was also an ideal personality fit for.

The outcome of completing his Swivel Careers Programme was that he was able to confidently choose to study Environmental Engineering at Canterbury University, a decision he then had to communicate to his parents based on all the information and choices he had made in the programme.

His father told Swivel Careers afterwards, that the programme had changed their son in a very positive and transformative way. For the first time in his life, he confidently expressed what he truly wanted to do, with a strong sense of self-confidence and excitement. They had never seen him be so enthusiastic about his future plans before.

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